Your Legacy: The Next Generation

The Reason You Adopted Me
Author: Dr. Susan Hillis

I  experienced a brand new, ‘first time in my life’ twice during the past month:  I received text messages that looked like this:

Now, what was totally new is that it was not the normal thing when I had my kids to send pictures around of my pregnant belly! These pictures happened to be from the two of my precious six daughters who are currently pregnant!!!

The Reason you Adopted Me

During this same month, I had gone out to lunch at Waffle House with Alex, one of our four awesome sons (we do this pretty regularly and share what the Lord is teaching us, how we are doing, and what we need prayer for).  So while we are sitting there talking, he asks me this question, totally out of the blue, “Mom, do you ever think that maybe the reason God had you adopt all of us is because of how it will change the next generation….I mean, because of how our children will have a totally different life all because you  adopted us?”   

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Susan and her son Alex
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