Reaching the 4-14 Generation - Animations


The 4/14 Window refers to the demographic group from age four to fourteen years old, which is the most open and receptive to every form of spiritual and developmental input.  Check out these animations that explain the vision and challenge us to action.


The Great Omission ExplainED by Dr. Dan Brewster
Why do so many people miss how relevant children are in Scripture? Dr. Dan Brewster calls this phenomenon "The Great Omission."


Turning a Curse into a Blessing ExplainED by Dr. Dan Brewster
Dr. Dan Brewster, Director of Holistic Child Development Academic programs for Compassion Int, finds that very few seminary students know what the very last verse in the Old Testament is, much less why it's so important today.


JOSHUA explainED by "Toyditz" Cosico Jr.
Joshua's generation saw God do amazing things, driving out their enemies before them and giving them the Promised Land. But their biggest challenge proved to be passing on their faith to the next generation. Toyditz Cosico Jr explains what we can learn from the Bible about creating a legacy of faith.


What about the Rest ExplainED by "Toyditz" Cosico Jr.
What is the role in the church in the slums of Manila or brick factories in Lahore? Toyditz Cosico Jr. asks the question, "What about the rest?" Who will care for and protect these children growing up outside the covering of loving parents?


The 4/14 Window explainED by Luis Bush
Missions Strategist, Luis Bush explains the 4/14 Window. Luis Bush, who also coined the term "10/40 window", is passionate about making the global Church aware of the earth's most pressing needs. Watch this animation and learn why he believes that the demographic group from the ages of 4 to 14 are the most important "people group" on the earth today.


You Lost Me explainED by Dr. Bambang Budijanto
Why are so many youth and young people leaving the church? In this animation we talk to Dr. Bambang Budijanto from Compassion International. He explains his experience with both church leaders and the youth that are leaving.


Globalized Youth explainED by Dr. Bambang Budijanto
What do Angry Birds and the Roman roads have in common? In this animation, we talk to Bambang Budijanto from Compassion Int. He explains how "the younger you are, the more global you are," and how this newest generation will be the most equipped to see the good news of Jesus Christ spread throughout the world.


Transform the Church explainED by Reverend Nam Soo Kim
Reverend Nam Soo Kim discusses how investing in children is an investment in our future. In this animation, he urges the Church to transform itself from being passive observers into the active body of Christ who will fight in the battle for the precious minds of our children.


The Church's Hindrances in Equipping Children explainED by Rick and Becky Olmstead
Everyone knows that children are important, but why do so few in the Church actually invest the time to equip them? In this animation, Rick and Becky Olmstead, pastors of the Vineyard Church of the Rockies, share what they believe are the challenges facing the Church in nurturing children.

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