Straight Ahead Ministries, Inc.


Mission Statement

Our Mission

To see Jesus Christ transform the lives of juvenile offenders

Our Vision

To create an international movement whereby every juvenile offender has the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel and grow in his or her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Philosophy

Straight Ahead ministries is faith-based, prayer-centered, local church oriented, non-denominational Christian ministry. We desire to assist the local church to train and equip volunteers to come alongside youth as Bible study leaders in juvenile jails, mentors, tutors and in a host of other roles where kids need positive adults in the community 

Overview of Ministry Activity

Straight Ahead has been working in Ukraine since 1996, bringing the Gospel and humanitarian aid to juvenile colonies and supporting local chaplains. Over the last  several years, we have also been providing training for people who want to open aftercare homes for youth leaving the colonies and orphanages. This latter training has been done in conjunction with Safe Haven International in Kyiv.

Our desire is to see and train more local church volunteers who want to go into the juvenile colonies and internats to do Bible studies, to disciple, and to provide aftercare once the youth return home.

We want to come alongside local ministries who work in the juvenile prisons, detention centers and orphanages (in any nation), to support them in their efforts through training and material, and to bring them together to share resources. Straight Ahead has been using such a model since our  inception in 1987.

We have two Bible study manuals available in Russian. 

Plans and Goals

We are available to share the resources and knowledge we have gained over the last 25 years in working with juvenile offenders, whether they are in prisons, orphanages or on the street.

Straight Ahead welcomes the opportunity to bring together others in the ministry to share resources, ideas and encouragement.

Organization Contact Information
Contact email:jkinsley
Phones:+1 508-753-8700
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