Unto the Least of These, Inc.


Mission Statement

Unto The Least of These, Inc., carries out the Great Commission by providing basic needs, a helping hand, love and the Gospel to disabled and orphaned children and the elderly in the former Soviet Union and around the world.

Overview of Ministry Activity


The work began in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1992, and has now expanded to many cities and villages in Russia and Ukraine. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, millions of babies, children, and youth are caught in the middle of an economic crisis. Conditions make it impossible for many to remain with parents who are jobless, indigent, alcoholic or otherwise unable to provide basis needs. Government institutions also suffer financially under this crisis, and are ill equipped to provide for the thousands who are dependent upon them for survival. Unto The Least of These, Inc., works through established solid, trusting relationships with the staff of these institutions, local government officials and indigenous churches. By working together, we can connect the local church to the needs of their community, providing real help to minister to their physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Operating programs:

Unto The Least of These, Inc., helps fill in the gap, providing formula and medicine for abandoned babies; supplemental staff, food, medicine, vitamins, clothing, books and educational tools, clean water, construction and repairs for orphanages; medicine, medical and surgical equipment for children\'s hospital; medication and assistance for those in nursing homes, support to alcohol and drug rehab center, and life sustaining medication to indigent families who are struggling to keep their children out of institutions. We also provide job skills for children in orphanages and state run boarding schools, giving them a chance to become productive citizens and keeping them out of the high percentage rate of those who, upon leaving the orphanage, fall victim to pornography, crime, drugs, prostitution and suicide.   .

Current Projects:

Ukraine: Joinery Journey, a woodworking/cabinet making program that trains teachers and youth in an ongoing apprentice workshop for orphanage boys. The boys develop self esteem, learn a valuable job skill, and generate funds to invest back into the program. Much of their finished work is used to supplement the lack of furniture in the orphanage.

Ukraine: The Sewing Room, to teach young girls sewing, embroidery and tapestry skills. The girls develop self esteem, and learn valuable job skills which can be used when they graduate.

Ukraine: Christian Resource Room inside Chebotarka special needs boarding school/orphanage. Computer skills are taught, and Bible study, library, drama, music, VCR with Christian learning videos are available. Social, life and family skills are learned, and counseling and mentoring are offered  by the leaders of the local church

Ukraine: Abandoned Baby program Provides formula each year for seventy-five percent of all abandoned babies registered in the Yevpatoria Children\'s Hospital.  

Ukraine: Children\'s Home Heath Care provides anti-seizure medication for children of 28 families who are struggling financially. A Fellowship Support Group consisting of the children, parent or caregiver, church members and the attending pediatric neurological staff, meet twice a year.

Russia:  Medication and medical equipment is provided for children in Special Needs Orphanages; winter coats, clothing and boots are provided for approximately 150 children every year; new insulated windows installed and a playground built for a village orphange that houses 55 children; remodeling of 22 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms in an orphanage that houses 150 children; other help is provided as needs arise.

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Key Words: humanitarian aid, orphanages, nursing homes, hospital, disabled, indigents, handicapped, abandoned babies, medical assistance, job skills, education, alcohol/drug rehabilitation, public health, child welfare, foster care, child advocacy, evangelism. 

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Additional comments

In 2007, UTLOT will be reaching out to the orphans and street children in Krygastan and India.

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