Arts for Relief and Missions, Inc.


Mission Statement

Arts for Relief and Missions seeks to use the arts and music for evangelism and ministry in the U.S. and abroad, and equip believers as ambassadors by building Christian character in the light of God\'s truth.

Overview of Ministry Activity

We use fine art exhibitions and reproductions, concert ministries as tools to focus on missions efforts as well as the discipleship of those called to use artistic gifting in missions and evangelism, relying on the inerrancy, authority and sufficiency of the Word of God for training up future ministers.

Plans and Goals

We are presently launching galleries that will house fine art to reach unbelieves in the marketplace and focus on ministry needs worldwide. We also are launching discipleship work known as CAMMA, details of which can be found at our website, to equip ministers of music and the arts to resemble the qualifications of deacons and elders found in the pastoral epistles of Scripture.
Organization Contact Information
Phones:+1 215-886-4258
PO Box 612
Glenside, PA 19038
United States
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