Lighthouse Children's Center


Mission Statement

Every child needs care.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Lighthouse Children\'s Center is a professional Christian help organization that provides children at risk with a safe environment for growth and development, and equips them for life.  Specifically, the day center offers these children:

  • Love, care and attention regardless of the child\'s nationality (both Estonian and Russian kids are welcome) 
  • One hot meal a day 
  • The opportunity to take care of personal hygiene 
  • Indoor activities (Bible studies, art classes, English classes, computer games). 
  • Field trips (museums, the zoo, etc.)
  • Outings (picnics, grill-outs, orienteering games, treasure hunts, riding a boat, days on the beach, etc.) 
  • Sports activities (we used to rent a gym, now we are in the back yard of the building, or in the park nearby) 
  • Summer Camps and sponsorships to camp Gideon (a Methodist Youth camp at the Baltic Sea)

Plans and Goals

To find Gods given gift and to support to develop this gift as well we can . We will find sponsors when we need or offer different activities in our house free for kids.
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