Missions Development International


Mission Statement

MDI is a tool that furthers the Gospel internationally, focusing on Ukraine. It creates and manages ministries, and acts as a link with ministries in the USA and around the world, to strategically work in the following areas:

  1. Ministry Development - Providing resources, recruiting, and strategic development to churches and ministries.
  2. Leadership Training - MDI reaches out to turn the hearts and minds of leaders and future leaders to servant leadership through the power of the Gospel.
  3. Business Development - Developing and creating business so that the ministries and churches involved in the other divisions can be self supporting on a long term basis

Overview of Ministry Activity

MDI acts as consultants and strategic planners and developers in the country of Ukraine. Currently, we are working with a professor at the University of Nebraska, Dr. Oksana Yakushko, in developing a research project on long term care of street children. This project would be concerned with providing for immediate needs, i.e. food, shelter, clothing, education. But the primary focus would be determining the best process for transforming street children into fully functioning members of society. MDI is also involved in a ministry to Street Children in Kiev, through New Life Center, by providing resources. MDI is also connected with a ministry to street children living in an internot in Odessa and also at a boys reform school there. In addition, MDI supports a clinic that works with an orphanage in the city of Belgorod. We also work with about 25 other ministries throughout the country of Ukraine.

Plans and Goals

MDI, through the power of Jesus Christ, hopes to continue to impact individuals lives in Ukraine. We mentor, encourage, and spur on national leaders in the ministries that God has called them to. We strategically work with churches throughout the country to strengthen them, and provide access to ministries, training and services that would not be available to them otherwise. We see the country as a whole in needs and yet desire to provide connections with ministries one church at a time or one group of individuals at a time.

Organization Contact Information
Contact email:marti
Phones:+1 615-406-3742
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