Ukraine Orphan Outreach


Mission Statement

Ukraine Orphan Outreach (UOO) is a non-profit organization in Northern Colorado formed by adoptive parents and others with concern for the future of orphaned Ukrainian children. Our mission is to reach out to this often forgotten group of older orphans and make a difference in their future. 

Overview of Ministry Activity

We directly impact these older orphan\'s lives and outlook, as well as the lives of our local volunteers through annual cultural exchange camps in Colorado. We create awareness regarding the plight of the orphans by exposure and involvement within the community.   Through UOO there are shoe/clothing/supply drives, and pen-pal, school sponsorship programs, adoption mentoring, adoption support, and Ukraine mission trip opportunities. 

Plans and Goals

UOO is actively looking to partner with organizations in Ukraine.  It is our hope that we will offer a mission trip opportunity in 2011.

Upcoming Events
Organization Contact Information
Contact email:cestoesz
Phones:+1 970-535-4399
18519 Weld CR 5
Berthoud, Co 80513
United States
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