Children Are Hope


Mission Statement

Children Are Hope strives to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ through ministering physically and spiritually to orphaned children of Ukraine.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Since 1997 our goals have been:

· Teach the children and orphanage workers that they have infinite value in God’s eyes.

· Show that each person has an essential part in transforming Ukraine into God’s nation, thereby helping to lead the world to a complete understanding of Jesus Christ.

· To strengthen the children physically by providing medical, dental and nutritional assistance.

· To provide clothing, medical supplies, renovation assistance, computers and rotor-tillers – items that will empower the children and orphanage workers to better care for themselves.

Focus of Effort:

· Estimated population of Ukrainian orphanages is approximately 300,000.

· Presidential assessment – February 2000 – “More than 101,000 children are living in the streets of our cities without any assistance, education or parental guidance.”


· The meek and defenseless are paying a very high price to merely exist.

· Future leaders of a very significant nation – the largest in Europe.

· Will they know Jesus? Will they live to maturity?

Programs – Services:

· Medical/Dental service to the children; partnerships with Ukrainian hospitals for continuous service

· Humanitarian Assistance – clothing, shoes, computers, rotor-tillers, school supplies

· Educational Assistance – scholarships for university education; medical tutorials at US medical schools

· Renovation

· Gardening Assistance

· Adopt an Orphanage

Organization Contact Information
Phones:+380 444637994
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