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Mission Statement

Cross Links, Inc. is a ministry involved in humanitarian aid and development projects. We are committed to sharing God\'s love by caring and sharing with people in need whether physical or spiritual. It is our desire to serve a a "link" for those with similar wishes, to make a difference in difficult situations, and facilitate the association of reputable persons and organizations in America and abroad.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Cross Links, Inc. is a small organization doing Humanitarian and Development work in Eastern Europe since 1995. CLI travels to Eastern Europe with small groups of volunteers to EE countries to work with distribution of aid, to visit various projects to assess the work. and also look at new possibilities.

Since shipping aid becomes increasingly difficult CLI hopes to make most or all purchases of aid items within the countries where they work. 

CLI depends on the assistance of nationals rather than sending and supporting Americans, except for the regular short term visits by small groups of volunteers.

Cross Links also supports national pastors who do
not receive other support, provides food and heating for orphanages, summer Bible Camps for needy and handicapped children, compassion funds for small churches in poor rural areas, as well as projects to provide water or other necessities to maintain life. .

Cross Links is an organization made up of volunteers, with one full time employee in Moldova who oversees all phases of work there. All donations, except for office supplies, go directly to
the Humanitarian Aid work of Cross Links in some areas in Russia, all of Moldova and one region of the Ukraine except for

During the 16 years of work in Eastern Europe we have been witness again and again of God\'s care for the people of His creation through Christians in the West who take seriously God\'s advice of sharing our blessings. Many lives of Americans and Europeans have taken on new and eternally significant meaning because of the effort.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Renovations and improvements to orphanages
  • providing food and clothing to the same
  • Camp sponsorships
  • Development and small loan projects
  • medical supplies
  • school kits
  • family packets of garden seeds (no longer allowed into Moldova and Russia)
  • special speakers for women
  • pastor and missionary support

Plans and Goals

The persent goals of CLI are to become more involved in development projects that will result in long term improvement in the lives of those they serve. Also to pay more attention to the situation of elderly persons and younger persons who need assistance with education, home placement, etc.

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