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Mission Statement

To be in Ukraine; to share the love of Christ to the lost, the lonely, and the least. This love is shown through serving orphans, coordinating help for orphans, and reaching out to all the people there.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Teach life skills to orphans and those caught in institutional care. This is an integrated curriculum, utilizing school classes taught by their own teachers, after-class activities, weekends and scholastic breaks to share our message. Daily, we’re spending time with kids to boost their self-esteem, teaching them morality, sharing the gospel and encouraging social development which is otherwise stunted. We do this through games, sports, music and drama, forums and discussions on movies that we watch. We utilize a holistic approach as we address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each child. The course we use is dynamic, and it evolves to the needs and development of the children. We focus on 5 life skills:

problem solving and decision making,
creative and critical thinking,
interpersonal skills,
coping with emotions and stress, and most importantly— salvation—which envelopes all aspects of life, sharing the gospel, teaching the Bible and growing their faith!

The Good News is proclaimed throughout our courses in the orphanages that we work in. Using participatory learning methods, we always carefully explain every lesson. Then we model the lesson through drama, a movie clip or other illustrations, and provide each child the chance to practice the skill. We focus on dealing with conflict, dealing with authority, making and keeping friends, developing values, resisting peer pressure, future planning, setting goals, respect, trust, sharing, compassion and providing counseling.
We also provide annual healthcare screens, including the education and prevention of at-risk behavior through Gift of Life’s mobile clinics. Utilizing this wonderful network of American friends, we offer each child the proper and necessary physical and dental care. This far out-weighs the healthcare that institutional life offers.

Plans and Goals

Reduce the published statistics of \'liberated orphans\' by 75%;

In 2005 on children who were ‘liberated’ from institutional living, 50% display high risk behavior, 40% become addicts, 40% commit crimes, 10% commit suicide. 80% of boys go to prison, while 35% of girls become prostitutes.

We focus on growing boys into men, shoing them how to live, teaching them how to live, and sharing what it is to be men of God.  

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