To Russian Children With Love


Mission Statement

The spiritual focus of our ministry is to bring children to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Praying for children at risk is also an important part of our ministry.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Natalya Loginova proposed the idea to create an organization, "To Russian Children With Love", which would help children at risk. She met with Peter Deyneka, President of "Russian Ministries," and discussed the possibility of creating this new organization. Many western Christians were interested in this project and supported the idea. On July 23, 2000, “To Russian Children With Love” received its legal registration.

The main goal of our organization is to create a comprehensive system, which will help and protect children at risk. We work with orphans and children from dysfunctional families.

In order to accomplish this goal, " To Russian Children with Love" provides the following services:

· Helping children in orphanages, baby houses, internats, hospitals, and schools

· Carrying out various humanitarian aid programs

· Developing training programs and seminars for children and staff that work with children

· Recruiting volunteers from different Christian organizations to work with children at risk

Our ministry seeks to meet the spiritual, as well as the physical needs of children. We are cooperating with many Russian organizations that are working with children at risk, including government organizations and Orthodox, Lutheran, Baptist and Pentecostal churches. Together with them, we create evangelistic programs for children at risk.

We desire to cooperate with Russian and Western organizations that are involved in work with children at risk. We are ready to receive any help from specialists or organizations, who develop special training programs for children. We also need prayer and material support.

Plans and Goals

· Providing medical aid

· Creating summer and winter camps for children at risk

· Organizing evangelical programs

· Supporting gifted children

· Helping children at risk to acquire skills and professions

· Recruiting other Christian organizations to work with children at risk

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