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Mission Statement

VISION: Provide care for vulnerable children that produces Christ-like disciples in Romania. MISSION: Engage, evangelize, and equip Romanian orphans and at-risk kids for life and ministry. VALUES: Jesus-Focused, Relational, Grace-Oriented, Biblically-Based, Disciple Making Livada Orphan Care 2001 W. Plano Parkway Suite 3430 Plano, Texas 75075 tel/fax 972.941.4416 “…a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” Isaiah 61:1-3

Overview of Ministry Activity

CALLING AND HISTORY: What began with a dream of overflowing orchards in 1991 has blossomed into weekly outreach to hundreds of orphans and at-risk Gypsy children and full time family-style residential care. Our calling is based on Isaiah 61:1-3 from which we care for and share the Gospel with vulnerable kids to see “a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendor.” MINISTRY MODEL: There are an estimated 100,000 abandoned children and 400,000 highly at-risk vulnerable Gypsy children in Romania today. UNICEF reports that the abandonment rate has remained unchanged in the past 20 years. Our holistic approach begins by nurturing orphans in the cradle and ends with them becoming faithful, interdependent, contributing members of society. Today there are three major departments of our local ministry and one minor aspect of ministry that allows us to multiply our experience nationally. o Full-time, Family-Style Residential care. This is made up of private group homes, mentor apartments, and foster care. o Orphan Outreach to orphans in state care (orphanages, group homes, and abandoned baby wards) This involves highly relational weekly Christian clubs, humanitarian aid, dental care, evangelistic summer camps, and discipleship groups. o Prevention of Abandonment to at-risk Roma (Gypsy) kids and poor families. This ministry offers weekly Christian clubs, humanitarian aid, and crisis intervention. o We have co-founded the ACCEDE network of orphan care providers to multiply out our efforts to learn from and to aid other like-hearted ministries throughout Romania. o The platform of all programs is a discipleship process leading to life change and personal responsibility.

Plans and Goals

SUCCESS INDICATORS AND GOALS: o Full time residential care: 55 children to date; 2009: 38 in full-time care, 8 graduates; 2010: 29 in care, 5 graduates; 2011: 30 in care, 0 graduates; 2012; 23 in care, 2 graduates o Cradle care to abandoned babies providing human attachment, prayer, and aid: 2009: 312 days of assistance; 2010: 320 days; 2011: 520 days; 2012: 650 days o Orphan outreach via Christian clubs meeting life needs: Maximized at 400 children per year o Gypsy village outreach: 2009: 150 children and their families; 2010: 200; 2011: 300; 2012: 300 2011: new Day Center; 2012:new job opportunities via farm and orchard o Train local volunteers in evangelism and discipleship: 2009: 40; 2010: 45; 2011: 50; 2012: 55 o Expand children’s discipleship groups: 2009: 4; 2010: 6; 2011: 8; 2012:10 o Host short term teams: 2009: 8 with 150; 2010: 6 with 100; 2011: 8 with 150; 2012: 10 with 175 o Grow ACCEDE national network: 2009: 8; 2010: 15; 2011: 20 with first conference; 2012: 25 with second national conference o Short term Missionaries: 2009: 6; 2010:5; 2011:7; 2012:8 PRAYER STRATEGY The Livada Prayer Teams are located in four different cities, each with its own coordinator, who meet monthly with their local teams of seven others, and pray for Livada consistently. They are coordinated by Susi Reyes who sends out strategic monthly prayer requests and who also receives back input from these prayer warriors on Livada’s behalf. o Atlanta, GA: Faye Lee Merrill o West Palm Beach, FL: Mark Miller o Dallas, TX: Regina Cox o Targu Mures, RO: Vio Gaga FUNDING PLAN: o From four sources: 43% Individuals, 25% Churches, 20% Businesses, and 12% Grants. o Child Sponsorship, Corporate Matching, Foundation Grants, Church mission budgetary support, Fundraising Events, and monthly/annual donations from individuals are the main income venues o Mission trip administration fees and minor investments are the other sources of income o Our Board of Directors contributes through the aforementioned sources. o An active database of 1500 donors is communicated with monthly by email/quarterly letters. o A capital campaign for a Gypsy Day Center and a farm/orchard project is underway RESULTS TO DATE: o Today Livada weekly touches approximately 700 orphans and at-risk kids. o We host an average of 150 mission trip participants per year. o We have built three group homes and a Christian camp. o We have established private foster care and Christian mentor apartments. o Since our inception in 2001, Livada has raised over 8 million dollars. CURRENT NEEDS: o Sponsors to join sponsorship teams for private family-style care: It costs us $550/month/child o Sponsorship teams for outreach/Roma prevention of abandonment clubs: $5900/month o Project Needs: o Day Center for Apalina Gypsy Village- $350,000 o Bus for Camp Vetca -$35,000 o Baby Hospital Ministry expansion (personnel and supplies for one year) -$15,000 o Camp Vetca Retreat Center Facility- $500,000 o Greenhouse for food, income, and orphan job training- $34,400 Livada Orphan Care 2001 W. Plano Parkway Suite 3430 Plano, Texas 75075 tel/fax 972.941.4416 “…a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” Isaiah 61:1-3

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