An Orphan's Bright Star, Inc.


Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Provide fundamental assistance to the children in our sponsored orphanages in Ukraine: sustenance, shelter, services, skills and spirit.

Work as a team with orphanage staff to determine prioritized needs in our supported homes, and develop lasting and trusting relationships with those closest to the children.

Respect and support local Ukrainian traditions, products and people in each of our endeavors.

Plans and Goals

We are moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and friends of Ukrainian orphans who have seen firsthand the many needs of these very special children.


We are a global community, among us American, Swiss, French, Dutch, Spanish, Mexican, German, Russian and Ukrainian, who believe that our work serving the international needs of the helpless in Ukraine is vitally important to all of us.


We have witnessed in our own homes and communities the unbelievable difference that sustenance, shelter, services, skills and spirit can make in transforming the lives of these forgotten ones, and intend on doing everything within our power to provide the same life-altering changes for all of the children left behind.


We raise funds for repairs and supplies to be purchased in-country, and distribute in-kind donations to all of our orphanages with local Ukrainian assistants ensuring that each and every donation is appropriately allocated and used for the good of the children.


We earn no salaries, have no offices, and yet we are as competent and effective as any brick and mortar organization in operation, providing donors with project statuses and pictures of the changes as they are in progress.


We want our donors to understand that they are an intrinsic part of the transformation.

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