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Mission Statement

The Brenna Engle Foundation provides the support needed for Brenna's Home in Lutsk, Ukraine.  While our current work is focused in Ukraine, our charter as a non-profit allows us to provide support for underprivileged children and orphans throughout the world. In January, 2014 we began work with vulnerable children and adolescents in Ethiopia.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Brenna's Home provides a safe haven for children whose parents are unable or unwilling to care for them due to dire social circumstances (death, alcohol, drugs). The home has served numerous children since 2005, and currently is home for 12 children. We have two full-time housemothers and one part-time housemother who helps with cooking and relief for the full-time housemothers. Children attend public school, learn life skills, and develop spiritually and socially. Currently the children range in age from 7 to 19. Our experience is that the children adjust well and have had the opportunity to complete high school and even attend college or technical school. We also support The Tabitha Children's Program of Resurrection Baptist Church in Lutsk, through humanitarian aid, spiritual development, and summer camp programs.

We are working with a local NGO in Northern Ethiopia to provide monthly support for vulnerable high school girls to complete their education. In this region of Ethiopia, many of these girls walk two hours or more EACH WAY to attend high school. This means they face dangers while walking in darkness, and also makes it difficult for them to complete their studies. Consequently they may drop out of school and are frequently used as wives for arranged marriages, even as young as ages 13 to 17. If this happens and they become pregnant, they face challenges with childbirth because their bodies are not fully developed. This may result in a condition known as fistula.

We anticipate working directly with fistula victims for pre- and post-surgical support and training. Our initial work, though, focuses on PREVENTION-keeping these girls in school and helping them learn about the importance of finishing their education. We are initially providing for support for 10 girls at $25 per month, which enables them to live closer to school, or to take transportation to school, minimizing the time they spend walking on roads.

Plans and Goals

Our current budget generally covers annual expenses to run Brenna's Home in Ukraine (housing, Ukrainian staff mothers, food, clothing, and education expense) and for direct support of our efforts in Ethiopia. Since our work is based on volunteer efforts, over 97% of donations and funding goes directly for supporting children. Administrative expenses are less than 3% of our budget. We also sponsor periodic mission trips to Ukraine, particularly summer camp programs, and plan to do the same in Ethiopia.

We will focus on sponsorships for vulnerable high school girls to stay in school (fistula prevention and break the poverty cycle). The girls are identified through the high schools, based on criteria we provide. These girls are then selected through the local government Women and Children Services by applying a prioritization scheme provided by the local NGO. This program is in its infancy and has the potential to grow exponentially, so we will need all the support possible to make it a success.

As funding enables us, we will provide support for fistula victims through the local NGO. They have a facility which can be used to house these girls before corrective surgery, to strengthen them physically for 1-4 weeks. After surgery, they would return to the facility for recuperation, rehabilitation, and hopefully vocational training and skill development to learn ways to be self-supporting.

We have preliminary plans to work in 3 or 4 different cities in Central Ethiopia, through several different church organizations including Meserete Kristos (Anabaptist, Mennonite), Mekane Yesus Church (Lutheran), and the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia. These will be finalized and developed as specific details are worked out. Of course, all the work will depend on the level of support we can raise.

Our philosophy is to work with national and local church leaders who have identified needs and have demonstrated a desire and commitment to work with underprivileged children. Our goal is to focus on addressing root causes of poverty and situations that orphaned children face, by providing support and training within the cultures where we work.

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