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The mission of LSM is to nurture orphaned, at-risk and exploited children around the world to reach their full, God-given potential by placing or keeping them in permanent, godly families; providing them with Christ-like care; and mobilizing and empowering God’s people to do the same.

We have been called to care for the orphan. Orphans are not orphans simply because they lack food, clean water, or clothes. They are orphans because they lack a family. Our prayer and mission is to place these orphaned children in a loving family. We want to raise them to be godly leaders in their communities - and child by child, bring about effective change for the glory of God.

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We believe that the family is God’s most basic social unit. Within a family, a child learns his or her worth, acquires social norms and expectations, discovers right and wrong, and learns about the world and even what it means to be human. Without a family, these fundamental building blocks tragically break down.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that the lack of a family is what makes a child an orphan. Children aren’t orphans because they are hungry…or because they don’t have clothes…or because they don’t have money…or because they don’t have an education. Children are orphans because they don’t have a family. Therefore, if we really want to solve the orphan crisis, we need to provide orphans with a family. Loving Shepherd Ministries’ approach is always to look first at how we can place or keep children in godly, permanent families. Anything less misses God’s best for the children we serve.

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Stories of Redemption:

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