Road of Life


Mission Statement

Our mission is to allow orphans to experience a loving family and caring friends and to know that there is hope in a loving God, and thus be able to support him/herself and live by their own means after completing the program

Overview of Ministry Activity

The orphans in our three family homes, with the help of volunteer counselors, are learning skills such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and personal hygiene, as well as nightly Bible reading, quality time with counselors and others, and active attendance in church. Our ministry also frequently visits state-run orphanages, and often assists international Christian teams who work in orphanages, camps and elsewhere.

Plans and Goals

Our desire is to work in concert with churches to help graduated orphans in any way possible: whether through a living in a transitional family home, finding a job or apartment, financial assistance, rehabilitation/counseling, etc. We also desire to build relationships with different colleges, in order to allow orphans to receive a good education and preparation for their futures.
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