Arts for Life International Inc.


Mission Statement

Arts for Life International, inc. is a Christ centered organization that provides preventative/ intervention education on violence and abuse for young people and adults, and expressive therapeutic support for children and communities in crisis. Arts for Life International provides these services at no cost for local organizations such as: orphanages, non-government organizations, foster families, crisis shelters, and churches worldwide.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Arts for Life International provides:

  • therapies for children in crisis
  • preventative education for communities interested in understanding abuse, domestic violence, and its effects on children and adults
  • resources for children and communities in crisis in the appropriate language with cultural understanding

Plans and Goals

Arts for Life Int\'l is in the process of registering as a Faith based organization in the United States. However, in order to continue education and research both coordinators will be located in Australia for two-three years.

During this time Arts for Life plans to expand its support base, develop resources that are needed in the former USSR and Eastern Europe, and maintain relationships already developed in Belarus and Romania.

Eventually Arts for Life hopes to expand into other communities in crisis around the globe. Arts for Life hopes to expand their training seminars by including practical resources for workers to include in helping children who have survived trauma and/or crisis.

 Arts for Life wishes to provide training for orphanage workers and other non government workers on how to facilitate art therapy within their own institutions as an emotional support for children.

Organization Contact Information
Contact email:khvidd32
Phones:+61 247875713
129 Hat Hill Rd
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