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Mission Statement

Our goal is to help orphans at high risk to successfully transition to independent living and to find new life in Christ.

Overview of Ministry Activity

We are now hosting regular 1-2 day seminars at orphanages designed to equip orphan girls and boys for life outside the orphanage. We are no longer doing a residential transition program due to the cost, the long time necessary, and the small numbers it can help. The short seminars are designed to reduce the large number of girls falling into prostitution after leaving orphanages and the large number of boys who end up in prison.  Part of our seminar is a presentation by a former orphan(s) sharing their experience after they left the orphanage. We are also developing a literature packet in conjunction wtih Miramed (Moscow) to give to older orphans. This packet will include contact information for emergencies and advice on successful living out of the orphanage. The most important part of the seminar is providing the orphans with an opportunity to commit their lives to Christ, who will help them more than anyone else to successfully transition to independent living. 

Plans and Goals

We are currently in the process of completing our legal registration as a non-profit educational association (Goal for Life). 

We are planning, as funds allow, to add legal assistance to orphans who are entitled by law to a home after leaving the orphanage. Most states (oblasts) do not offer this, with the exception of Moscow and to some extent Leningradskaya oblasts.

We welcome any assistance in these areas.

Organization Contact Information
Phones:+7 0954256184
Russian Federation,
Moscow region,
Area of Ministry
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