Sunergos International


Mission Statement

Sunergos International:

  • Provides social services to orphans, elderly and the poor;
  • Encourages faith communities and organizations in building communities of compassion;
  • Cuts through racial, cultural, social and denominational barriers, bringing people to work together;
  • Follows the footsteps of Jesus: loving God’s children, not just in word, but in action.

Overview of Ministry Activity

What we do...

  • Connect churches, universities and faith organizations cross-culturally, to work together to build communities of compassion.
  • Host international teams who work in orphanages, street centers, organize summer camps and give emotional, spiritual and material support to the children.
  • Build relationships with orphans and street children by visiting them weekly throughout the year; doing crafts, games and sharing Biblical stories.

Plans and Goals

Visions for the future...

"Halfway House”

Each year, 15,000 orphans are released into society. They must find a job, a place to live and a way to survive...
Ninety percent end up in crime, prison, prostitution, drug addiction, homeless or commit suicide…
Our vision is to open a “Halfway House” for graduated orphans.
Provide temporary housing and teach them how to find a job and manage their finances. Help them receive a higher education and find an apartment.
A place they can call home, feel loved and accepted.

“A Haven”
Thousands of children live on the streets, begging for change to buy some food.
Our vision is to provide “A Haven”; a Christian shelter for these children.
A place they can call home, have some food and be warm, feel loved and accepted.

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