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Mission Statement

Orphans Ministry International


1. Orphans Ministry International is a ministry striving to personally meet the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of the orphans and abandoned children of Ukraine.
2. Mission of ministry

Overview of Ministry Activity

Care of orphans,street kids,invalids

Encourage and support orphans in orphanages
Encourage and support families to care for their own children
Work directly with children on the streets
Support residential child care where appropriate
Develop fostering and adoption options for children in residential care.

Medical and Rehabilitation

Provide appropriate medical assistance to deprived orphans and street kids
Resource and support rehabilitation programmes for children with addictions
Provide ‘day centre’ type activities for orphans and street,invalids and kids with special needs.

Education & Training

Encourage and support deprived orphans,invalids to access education
Resource and support schools, kindergartens, homework clubs etc which provide education for deprived orphans and invalids
Encourage and advise on health promotion issues and access to medical services
Provide and encourage access to vocational training.

Orphans Ministry International is a Christian charity dedicated to caring for orphans, street kids, destitute and suffering children,

Also working in Argentina, Finland, Nepal, and Canada.

Organization Contact Information
Contact email:church_favor
Phones:+380 (97) 758-48-83
yl.Vokzalnaya 22/17
Zhitomir city
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