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Mission Statement

About Big Canoe Chapel We like to describe Big Canoe Chapel as a multi-denominational congregation because we are proud to have people of a variety of faith traditions among our membership. And, we don\'t want people to give up their faith traditions when they become a part of the Chapel; rather, we want them to bring those traditions with them. We respect and embrace them. And it is our intention to make the variety of our faith histories a source of enrichment rather than division. Because we come from a variety of faith traditions, we stress those central tenets of Christian theology that most Christian communities affirm. The Bible is the source of our authority, and we encourage each Christian believer to interpret scripture as led by God\'s Spirit, Who inspired it. We understand the mission of the Christian Church to be, in accordance with Jesus\' final commandment in Matthew 28, to make Christian disciples. In seeking to be faithful to Jesus\' command, we witness; that is, we tell the Christian story and invite people into discipleship; we nurture; that is, we train, encourage, support, and equip Christians for their ministry; and we reach out; that is, we express our faith by living lives of love and mission. And we are pleased to commit at least 50% of our income to missions and benevolences.

Overview of Ministry Activity

MISSION COMMITTEE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Big Canoe Chapel is committed to fulfilling the great commission of Jesus as stated in Matthew 28:18-20 ;All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.” The Chapel Mission Committee oversees this effort on the part of the chapel by identifying, evaluating and selecting on behalf of the membership, worthy Christian and humanitarian causes for the Chapel\'s support whose purpose is consistent with Jesus commission. The Mission Committee also develops and recommends policies, programs and mission locations for Short Duration local, national, and international mission trips conducted under the name of the Big Canoe Chapel. In these ways the Mission Committee oversees the use of the Chapel\'s, time, talents and resources as the membership works together in answering Jesus\' great commission. Out of our working with an orphanage in Chernsty, Ivanovo Region of Russia, we became aware of the critical issues facing the children as they leave the orphanage. We are interested in finding ways that we could address that concern.

Plans and Goals

A Questionnaire for Current and Potential Recipients form will be mailed to each current recipients by September 15, and a response will be requested by October 15. That will provide the Committee with an opportunity to develop the oncoming year’s support program by the end of the fourth quarter. The Committee will be able to notify the various ministries of our plans and actions very early in the new year. New ministries recommended for consideration by the Committee will be considered and will be sent the required forms after all existing ministries have been reviewed and acted upon. At the discretion of the Committee, potential new ministries can be considered at any time during the year, but generally, commitments would only be made after existing ministries have been reviewed, plans finalized, and available funds known. Special “one time” requests for assistance may be received during the year, and the Committee can choose to respond without the formality of a completed Donation Request form.Each Committee member serves as an interface to a number of organizations requesting Chapel funding from the Mission Committee budget. Each member will receive and review ongoing correspondence from their assigned organizations and keep the committee updated on those organizations’ accomplishments and needs. Each member will review request forms from their assigned organizations and make recommendations to the full Committee regarding amounts of donations that appear appropriate when compared to other requests received and the total mission funds allocated by the Chapel Trustees.

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