Mission Statement

It is the mission and purpose of “AIRO” Ministries to embrace those who are hurting and suffering; to present the gospel of Jesus Christ so that individuals will come into a personal and intimate relationship with Him, being conformed and transformed into His likeness; to minister the mercy of God to the brokenhearted, deliverance to the captives and freedom to prisoners; to create through the ministry of the spirit of God the ability to be His servants.

In Greek, AIRO means “to lift”. It is the word that was used for the four friends who carried the paralytic to Jesus in Mark 2:1-11. They did not know exactly what the Lord would do for the paralytic, but they believed He would do something. Through their faith, compassion, commitment, creativity, and cooperation they lifted this man into the presence of Jesus and his life was changed forever. It is our desire to lift people into the presence of God in real and practical ways so that those who are hurting and suffering in any way will come to know Him.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The director of “AIRO” Ministries, Chaplain David Behling, began taking medical teams into the former Soviet Union in 1993. In 1998 the Lord put it on his heart to begin “AIRO” Ministries. AIRO has three areas of ministry:

· Chaplaincy training and ministry to hospitals, police and fire, jails and prisons and others.

· Lay ministry training and equipping individuals for ministry to those who are sick and hurting.

· Medical Mission Outreach, through which AIRO provides: short-term mission opportunities for individuals; collection of medical supplies for use in mission settings; and partner hospitals and communities with third world hospitals and mission organizations.

“AIRO” Ministries assists existing organizations to more effectively minister through medical evangelism and outreach. Our goal is to equip medical teams for short-term missions outreach (with a long-term commitment of teams, resources and supplies), and to provide long-term relationships for on-going education of native physicians and nurses through personal relationship and ministry.

In Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Guatemala, and Jamaica, medical teams provide healthcare in villages where there is little or no access to doctors or medicine. Medicines are given at no cost and hospitals are supplied with antibiotics and other medicines, along with basic technology to diagnose and treat. Teaching and training is provided for native physicians and nurses to increase their skill and ability to treat patients, both with medicine and with kindness and compassion. Medical clinics are established to serve the poor and native physicians and nurses are equipped to care for their own people. Orphanages receive food, better shelter, health services, and children receive love. Schools are built, churches are planted, leaders are trained and the Kingdom of God is built.

Plans and Goals

During the next year we are planning several trips into Russia and Ukraine. Some will be first time teams and some will be continuation of work in progress.

Organization Contact Information
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