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Mission Statement

"Building bridges, to mobilize churches, that win the next generation for Christ".  In countries like Romania, Moldova and Ukraine this includes national New Hope staff and volunteers from local churches involved in outreach into the orphanages. In 2002 New Hope started a Christian foster care program in Ukraine with trained caseworkers operating in several regions today.

Overview of Ministry Activity

New Hope International (formerly Eastern European Bible Mission) began in 1971 to serve Christians behind the Iron Curtain. Since freedom came, New Hope’s strategy has been to launch national ministries to equip the existing churches in children, youth and family ministry. New Hope presently has over 100 national staff and is committed to work in partnership with the existing churches, mobilizing them not only to minister to their own youth, but also to reach out into the public schools and orphanages. To strengthen its equipping ministry New Hope has launched Christian publishing houses in each of the countries it is working. (Presently Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Rep. of Moldova, Romania, and Hungary.) Published resources include: Handbook on Youth Counseling by Josh McDowell and Bob Hostetler and various other curriculum and materials to equip national workers to be effective with children, youth and families in their own language and culture.

General Description of Regional Offices:

  1. Three or more New Hope workers involved in ministry and making resources available - mostly on loan - to volunteers/workers in their church and area of outreach.
  2. A Regional Center with its own office facilities and staff where there is a "neutral" place for workers from all churches and denominations in a region (oblast), to come for:
    • Lending resources (for children workers, youth worker or materials for family worker.)
    • A place to study and listen, a place for training.
    • Regional meetings for children, youth or family workers to encourage networking, sharing, joint programs and training/equipping efforts.
    • Regional caseworker(s) to oversee and strengthen the foster care programs

New Hope Ukraine, located in L\'viv/L\'vov, has started a Christian Foster Care program in 2002 in L\'viv and is training case workers in several other regions such as Rivnenska, Cherkaska, Volynska, Zakarpatska and Odeska.  It was helped with training by Buckner Orphan Care in Dallas and is partnering with OrphanAge in Minneapolis.

For more information or a visit, contact Oksanna Savka at the New Hope office in L\'viv (contact info above).

Plans and Goals

  • Continued emphasis on working with the national churches and equipping and partnering with them for ministry.
  • Encourage and participate in partnerships and coalitions that are welcomed by the national churches and the workers they recommend.
  • Provide increasing help in leadership development to enable further growth of indigenous ministries.
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