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Mission Statement

Spoken For – International Youth Outreach is a Christian organization that serves young people living in challenging environments to provide them with spiritual, physical, and emotional guidance. We strive to transition these youth into adulthood with a Kingdom-minded world view that is lived out through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Spoken For – International Youth Outreach exists to connect with young people around the world who are in challenging situations in order that they may know that God loves them and to live out the life He has purposed for them. Our ultimate goal is to move young people from adolescence into adulthood with a, “Kingdom-Minded, Christian World View”, that is lived out through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our primary outreach is known as, “Fireworks”, a ministry that targets youth ages 14 to 22 years old who are faced with daily challenges of living life on their own. We target 7 areas of action in supporting their transitional growth.

1. Personal - Assist with immediate needs in order to function daily
2. Spiritual - Build and establish a firm foundation in God
3. Medical - Help the body to heal and be strong
4. Educational - Train minds to create and be shared
5. Vocational - Offer and find opportunities to be productive and self sufficient
6. Seasonal - Celebrate with and through the body of Christ
7. Cross-Cultural - Send out with the Good News to all the Nations

We have a staff of National Leaders who over see the day to day mission in Penza, Russia. We have teamed up with the local church as believers disciple, mentor and work with the youth God puts us together with. In addition, we take believers from the states to Penza, Russia on short term mission trips through out the year and host summer camps, Christmas outreaches, conferences and more .

"FIREWORKS" is a ministry that serves and works with youth who have graduated out of the orphanage. We help provide housing, schooling, medical, day to day needs, and involve the youth in discipleship ministries with the local church.

Each year Spoken For takes a group of believers from the United States on a mission outreach trip to Penza, Russia. A winter carnival is held for thousands of children and teens living in the orphanages in the Penza region.

Spoken For sponsors a dance team involving 10 Russian teens who are self-taught in the areas of jazz, modern, hip hop and break dancing. The group comes each year to the United States and performs for over 50,000 students in schools and colleges. This February will mark the group\'s 3rd tour to the states.

Nizhni Lomov Broken Dancers on YouTube here.

The national leaders working in Russia with Spoken For are known as, "Gospel To The Children". This dynamic team of believers has on going day-to-day ministries that take place in 9 orphanages throughout Penza. This is the heartbeat of the ministry.

Spoken For has set up a, "Pen Pal" email ministry between people in the United States and youth in Penza, Russia. This is a fun way to minister back and forth.

Through out the year, Spoken For takes small teams of teachers to Russia and Africa to train youth leaders. Thousands of youth workers have been trained in Russia, Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and Romania.

Over 150 of the youth from the orphanages that Spoken For ministers with have been adopted by wonderful families in the United States. Spoken For assists the adoption agencies and families in various ways to help make the transitions smooth and life changing.

Each year, Spoken For hosts summer camps in Russia. Camps are held at orphanages, former Pioneer facilities and in the National forest. This summer, Spoken For will be bringing to the United States a group of 40 older youth who will particpate in summer camps in the United States.



Plans and Goals

7 years ago, I stood on a hill in Penza, Russia over looking the city of 700,000 people. Holding hands with a group of Americans and Russian translators, we stood on the hill and cried out to the Lord to come and save Penza. We prayed that the city would become a place known for its love for Jesus Christ, and that God would use the orphans to bring the good news to the people who were lost. God heard our cry!

Today, Bible studies are taking place in all of the orphanages in Penza. Youth are attending church services and are actively involved in outreach and ministry. This past summer, a team of 16 youth who have graduated from the orphanage stood side by side with the American team and served their own people in the name of Jesus. One young man from the city orphanage was chosen by the Baptist Churches to represent the Penza body of Christ at the national Baptist convention. God heard our cry!

On the last day of this past summer outreach, a group of us were standing in front of the court house in Penza. Out in front of the building stands a large statue of Lenin. As I looked up at the cold, dark figure that towered above me, my eye went immediately past the hallow eyes of Lenin to a small yellow flag waving above his head next to the Russian flag. On the flag was a face looking down over Lenin and down over us. Instantly I was filled with awe and wonder as I realized that God had heard our cry from 7 years earlier and had answered our prayer. My eyes teared as I looked at the face of Jesus printed on the yellow flag and looking over the city. Indeed, the city of Penza is becoming a place that loves Jesus. And who started this journey? The hundreds of boys and girls who live in the orphanages of Penza, Russia and who understand that with Jesus, they are, "Spoken For" by God.

It is our goal and desire that all the youth in Penza will know Jesus and love Him and love others as He loves them. We hope to help as many youth who are transitioning out of the orphanages to get connected to the local church and to be able to get a solid start in life. Over the next couple of years we will open more apartments, train more leaders, host more summer camps and winter projects, and bring youth to the states on soccer, dance and cross-cultural tours.

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