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Mission Statement

The Mission Society recruits, trains, and supports missionaries so that they may fulfill the vision God has given them for ministry. Our team members work in a variety of ministries appropriate to the culture in which they live.  Our vision for ministry is to create self-reproducing, indigenous, discipling, Christian communities by mobilizing cross-cultural witnesses for Christ in partnership with nationals.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The Mission Society was formed in 1984 to enable the spread of the Kingdom of God through spiritual ministries such as church planting, evangelism, and discipleship. We have several ministries that address felt needs and point people to Christ. These ministries include medical work, small business training, education, family ministries, and humanitarian aid.

Specifically, we presently are involved in ministries in more than 50 orphanages in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. These services include the provision of humanitarian aid, personal assistance, orphanage work, small buiness training and spiritual leadership.  The Mission Society has also partnered with Mission Specialties, Inc., to assist in an orphan transition program in Russia.  Sue Kolljeski, a Global Resource Team member with The Mission Society, works on fields around the world as a specialist in issues related to children at risk.

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