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Mission Statement

Of course-we believe that Jesus was born of the Virgen Mary by the Holy Ghost--was crucified and was resurrected the third day and is alive for ever more--He ascended into heaven and sits on the right hand of the Father--Also we believe that he then sent the Comforter--the Holy Ghost who is working and convicting men of their sins---

Overview of Ministry Activity

Our work is in Republic of Georgia-we work among the Georgians, Azerbaijan, and Turkish peoples, children and helping in the orphanages of Georgia.  At this moment we are purchasing land in Georgia Republic to construct a building for Church Services and bringing in children and adults --among the moslem areas in Georgia----we live now there in the village outside Rustavi, Georgia among the village people where we have a small mission station to work from--and work all over Georgia---

Plans and Goals

--  To continue to use and train local people to work in the ministry---We will continue to work among these same people groups including children, women and men and the youth and we also when able will be assisting in the orphanages---this is our update----

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