Big Family Mission


Mission Statement

Through the goodness and grace of God:

  • To link U.S. churches and volunteers with Russian churches that minister to orphans;
  • To provide "Family Friends" (sponsors) and prayer support for individual Russian orphans;
  • To encourage Russian Christians to consider becoming foster parents;
  • To encourage the adoption of Russian orphans, particularly the older children who normally are not considered for adoption.
  • To promote awareness of the vicious cycle of the Russian orphanage system

Overview of Ministry Activity

   BIG FAMILY MISSON is an outreach to Russian orphans.  Our goal is to find a “family friend” for each of the more than 3 million Russian orphans.  Family friends contribute $15 per month to finance volunteer work in Russian orphanages.  Family friends are assigned to an individual child and asked to pray for that child on a daily basis.
   100% of funds donated to BIG FAMILY MISSION go to Russia to provide for the many needs in Russian orphanages.  All administrative, travel, and business expenses of the organization are funded by donations from the founders of the Mission.  BIG FAMILY MISSION is organized as a Mission Society, and partners with churches and Christians from many different denominations.
   BIG FAMILY MISSION is currently working with a number of internats and orphanages in the St. Petersburg area of Russia, as well as in Belarus and India .  We are increasingly involved in programs to find "forever families" for Russian orphans.  We work through local churches and volunteers in Russi, Belarus, and India. 

Plans and Goals

BIG FAMILY Mission seeks opportunities to partner with Christians and churches in America.  Our goal is to link churches and individual Christians in the U.S. with Russian churches and Christian volunteers who are ministering to Russian orphans.  In Russia, we work in several orphanages in the St. Petersburg area, and we are supporting or helping support three foster homes.  We are expanding our communication and education about foster-parenting, and we are also seeking churches and individuals in the U.S. (and other countries) who are willing to provide financial and volunteer support for establishment of real families for Russian orphans.

Organization Contact Information
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