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Mission Statement

OMS International exists to promote missionary interest and outreach worldwide by targeting prayer, deploying manpower, and financial resources for evangelism, church planting, leadership training and partnership which results in transforming individuals, communities, and nations.

Overview of Ministry Activity

OMS International was founded in Japan in 1901 by Charles Cowman, E. A. Kilbourne, and Juji Nakada as the Oriental Missionary Society. The name was changed to OMS International to reflect the mission which now ministers in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. OMS ministers in 30 countries.

On behalf of children at risk, OMS provides abstinence education, sports ministry, Christian schools and provides educational scholarships. OMS also partners with many churches and organizations in support of orphanages, crisis centers, Christian schools, and medical clinics.

Plans and Goals

OMS International envisions participating together with OMS related national churches to marshal our combined worldwide resources to facilitate global interagency cooperation, communication, and collaboration to expand and accelerate world outreach for the cause of Christ in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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