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Mission Statement

Comfort Foundation is dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of underprivileged children and orphans in the Vologda Oblast.  Comfort seeks to communicate to these children that they are deeply loved, forgiven and accepted by God so that they may become healthy, mature citizens of Russia.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The Comfort Foundation is registered in Russia in the two cities of Cherepovetz and Vologda. This is a charitable organization established to provide material, spiritual and emotional support to Russian children in institutions such as orphanages, hospitals and various children’s centers.

Our goal is to affect the lives of the children, their educators and counselors and parents if possible through material support and to encourage the children to grow emotionally so that they are able to make sound decisions regarding their current and future lives. Currently the Comfort Foundation has focused its efforts on orphanages and 1 organization which instructs children with Down’s Syndrome in Vologda, as well as supporting Light of Hope Children\'s Center in Cherepovets. 

We work with directors of each orphanage and home as they provide us with lists of basic needs and then our Russian team uses the money given them by various organizations which may included churches and individuals to meet those needs. We also organize volunteers to teach weekly morals and ethics classes for children, as well as adult studies and seminars for educators and counselors. During the summer we provide summer programming for children in these institutions with the permission of the directors.

We believe that through a ministry of compassion, our deeds will encourage children and teens to grow emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. 

Plans and Goals


· We are seeking to train and encourage the community to seek ways to love these children. We are working with the local institutions and are interested in ways that relationships could be further solidified.

· We are also interested in examining ways that we can serve these children after they leave the orphanages at age 17.

· We are looking for new ideas for ministry and tips from those of you who have been serving in this field for a while.

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