North Texas International Adoption Clinic


Mission Statement

To provide education, medical care, evaluation, support services, and research in the emerging field of international adoption medicine.

Overview of Ministry Activity

NTIAC is a not-for-profit medical clinic started by Bruce Eckel M.D. and Joyce Mauk M.D. in response to the growing numbers of international adoptions in the United States. This clinic provides review of videotapes, medical records, and pre-adoption counseling as well as follow up medical/developmental testing and care after their placement with American families. It also serves as a resource to physicians and adoption agencies on a number of medical issues such as lab testing, psychological and developmental testing, school placement issues, genetic evaluation, and networking with other specialists as indicated. NTIAC is prepared to do extensive evaluation with recommendations as well as ongoing care up to 3 years. This clinic is located in Fort Worth and Denton, TX. Bruce Eckel M.D. is director and general pediatrician. Joyce Mauk M.D. is president and CEO of the Child Study Center in Fort Worth, TX.

Plans and Goals

Our plans are to promote and develop this clinic to help ensure the success of the adoption placement. We plan to network with other international adoption clinics already in place and new ones as they are being formed.

Organization Contact Information
Phones:+1 940-898-1477
1160 N. Bonnie Brae
Denton, TX 76201
United States
Area of Ministry
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