Boaz Project, Inc.


Mission Statement

The mission of The Boaz Project is to have a positive, lasting impact on the spiritual and physical conditions of orphans in Russia by providing Biblical education; medical, personal, and educational supplies, and, where possible, permanent Christian families.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The programs of The Boaz Project began in March of 1999 in an informal way, with friends and acquaintances eager to help. It became a formal, non-profit organization in November of that same year. We currently work in 7 orphanages in the Vladimir region and 4 orphanages in the Khabarovsk region of Russia. Our programs include the following:

· Support Brigade - This program systematically passes along donations from churches and individuals to Russian orphanages on a monthly basis. An on-site administrator purchases most supplies in country and ensures that they go directly to the children.

· Bible Discovery Classes - These weekly classes taught by Russian Christians are designed to expose orphans to God\'s Word and offer them hope.

· Celebrate You! - To affirm the value of each child, orphans are given birthday and Christmas presents. Older children are often permitted to go to the store to choose their own gift.

.  Baby Nurturing - To combat the numbing effect of abandonment among Russian orphans, Russian Christians visit the babies almost daily to hold, bathe, and play with them. 

· Life Skills - We are introducing life skills classes to train teens in orphanages to cook, work with wood, and/or sew. These skills will become vital to their welfare upon graduation from the orphanage at age 17. The Boaz Project will market items these youth have made in life skills classes, and the profits will be split between the orphan who crafted the item sold and the orphanage in which he or she lives.

. Tutoring - The Boaz Project hires Russian teachers to visit orphanages on a regular basis to assist students in meeting their full academic potential.

Plans and Goals

The Boaz Project will lead four teams of Americans to hold Vacation Bible Schools and complete construction projects in Russian orphanages.

Organization Contact Information
Phones:+1 317-889-7606
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United States
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