Natasha's Story, Inc.


Mission Statement

Natasha\'s Story, Inc., is a non-profit adoption agency licensed by the State of Oklahoma.

It has a two-fold purpose:

· To unite by way of adoption capable Christian parents with orphans from the Russian Far East.

· To promote health and well-being to children in orphanages in the Russian Far East, specifically the Amur Region.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The history of Natasha\'s Story dates back to 1995 when Darwin D. Olson, MD, with his wife and family, moved to Blagoveshchensk to begin work with the CoMission. In the process of working with the medical community in that city, Dr. Olson was requested by the Minister of Health to visit the orphanage and begin the process of adoptions between the Amur Region and the US. In retrospect, it appears the orphans were a central reason for God sending the Olsons to Blagoveshchensk; there is no doubt that this is His work.

The policy of Natasha\'s Story is to approve only sincere Christian families who have a strong belief in God\'s sovereignty, so that each adopted orphan will be taught in the ways of Jesus Christ. Natasha\'s Story is active in providing much needed aid to the orphanages in the way of money, food, clothing, toys and medicine.

Freedom Swings, the present project, is an endeavor to provide three orphanages with high quality playgrounds to aid in the gross motor development of the children. The exciting part is that local Christians (resulting from the work of the CoMission) are a vital part of this project as they will not only help assemble them, but will then be available to minister to the children on a continuing basis.

Organization Contact Information
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