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Mission Statement

Financial and spiritual help for the orphaned children

Overview of Ministry Activity

Sauna and laundry room reconstruction at the Zilirsky orphanage ( 150 children)
We work with 12 orphanages throughout Bashkortostan.
We work very closely with an Evangelistic church called the Union of Christ. Our mission is to provide orphaned children of Bashkortostan with material, emotional and spiritual support. We tell children about God, we give them Bibles and in our office we have an extensive religious library that the children frequently delve into. Many of our orphanage graduates have become very religious and church going young adults.

Plans and Goals

1. A mini bakery project at the orphanage of Aurgazi in 2000.
2. The fund provides orphanages with medicines.
3. The fund provides orphans with hosiery and knitted garments every year.
4. A shower reconstruction in European style at the orphanage of Jumaguzino in 2000.
5. A recreation room (an ecological room) project for the children in the orphanage of Aurgazi in 2003.
6. Toiletries. During 2003 – 2007 the fund regularly delivered toiletries to the orphanages.
7. The fund also purchased and delivered sports equipment, stationery goods, books, games and toys, a washing machine, a piano, a computer, bed-clothes, children clothes, vitamins, holiday presents, etc. The fund delivered donations from Christian Union Church and clothes, which came from Germany as humanitarian aid.
8. The fund invited volunteers from such countries as England, Canada and the USA to work in the orphanages of Bashkortostan.
9. 2003, the fund finished a workshop project and educational center in orphanage # 9, Ufa. Now the orphan children have an opportunity to get education of a car mechanic operator or car metalworker in a modern equipped workshop.
10. 2003, a high cost and complicated operation was performed to the vertebra column of the girl from orphanage # 10, Ufa. The name of the girl is Katya Shcherban. The fund raised funds for the operation during a whole year. We also consulted with many doctors in different hospitals. In result the operation was performed by the star of Russian science Professor Michailovskiy, the founder of Russian school that cures people of scoliosis. The operation took place in Novosibirsk.
11. The Fund also found pen pals from American Christian families for Russian orphan children. This project is interesting because it brings a special joy to our children. It wakes up their imagination: they paint and draw, write poems and dream up, learn a lot of new things and tell their pen pals everything they know.
12. The fund participated in the program “Christmas Child”. 2002 – 2004 the fund got and delivered 1, 305 American presents to the orphanages.
13. Summer, 2003 Ilgina Mirasova, a girl from the orphanage of Petrovsk, was invited by her American pen friends (the correspondence project) for the summer holidays to Tennessee, USA. The fund drew up all the necessary documents. Summer, 2006 in America was three children from Aurgazi the orphanage.
14. For many years the fund has been supporting and countenancing those orphanage graduates who started studying in Ufa. We pray and try to solve the problem of their adaptation in society. We organize social meetings with orphanage graduates, charitable parties where we talk about the Lord. The children are blessed with the Bible and Christian literature. Almost all the children, who are friends of the fund, have become Christians and started attending church. All the children from orphanages know that we are Christians and they show great interest in our faith. Many orphans ask to pray for them and start reading Christian literature and the Bible. We thank God for sowing the good seed in their hearts and believe that we shall achieve good results.
15. The fund purchased a computer specially for orphan children to work. Here they can print their course papers, and just learn how to work on the computer.
16. The fund attracted a few Russian volunteers from Christian churches of the Republic. We could work together in several orphanages at the same time.
17. 2004, the fund built a sensor room in orphanage # 6 for deaf children. The fund repaired the room and purchased specific equipment in Saint Petersburg.
18. 2004, the fund reconstructed a bathhouse, laundry and drying-room, rest rooms for boys and girls in the correction boarding school of Zilair. (450 km away from Ufa). The fund also raised funds for purchasing a rolling press and washing machine.
19. Volunteers from England helped to purchase a few tape recorders for two orphanages.
20. 2005, an art studio project at the orphanage of Aurgazi.
21. 2004, the fund organized English classes at boarding school # 28 for blind and bad seeing children of Ufa. The teacher, a girl-volunteer, came from England for a school year after our invitation.
22. 2005, thanks to American volunteers the fund purchased 5 electric sewing machines for 4 orphanages.
23. 2005, the fund also organized auctions in the USA where people had a chance to purchase items made by Russian orphan children. The raised funds supported the orphans and their teachers as well.
24. 2006, the fund started a new project of building a pottery workshop at boarding school # 28.

1. A dentistry project for orphan children.
2. A labor summer camp project for the children of Durtuli orphanage
3. Computer classes at two orphanages.

We aim to provide for welfare and to countenance the orphan souls in the orphanages and boarding schools of Bashkortostan.

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