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Mission Statement

To share the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed and to make disciples in accordance with Matthew 28:18,19. Our mission is accomplished through strategic ministries targeting vulnerable children, orphans, and at-risk children in Ukraine, Russia, Kosovo, Armenia and Romania.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Russia:   We evangelize and make disciples through support for a network of national pastors and missionaries working with teenage prisoners and orphans in different areas of both Russia and Ukraine. We also sponsor two-week Summer Bible Camps for hundreds of children each summer.

Moscow Based Prison Ministry: We support 8 Russian pastors and missionaries who serve as outreach chaplains full time to 56 different prisons including 20 Youth Prisons throughout Russia.

Ukraine: The MPI Child Sponsorship Program started in 1994 with emphasis on children suffering from the after-affects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. It has expanded to all categories of at-risk children.

Our program focus is on needy children and their families. It is a Christian based approach to developing healthy children. We do not focus on "community development" but instead focus on individual family based solutions.

Our goal is to be “pre-emptive” by providing direct support through education assistance, medical help, feeding programs, and spiritual development. To strenghten child development, we must strengthen families.

Over 45% of the children in our Ukraine program come from single parent homes or live with grandparents.

Sponsorship support helps keep the child at home with a mother or family member, which keeps that child out of an orphanage and off the streets. This is what we mean by being “pre-emptive” - - reaching them before they are turned over to the State. Children raised in a home have a much better chance of responding to, and growing in, God’s love.

FOSTER FAMILIES: We support 15 Ukrainian Foster Families. These families provide a loving, permanent home for orphaned children. Raising up families in the country to care for orphans is the best solution to the orphan crisis around the world.

HANDICAPPED CHILDREN: We currently support 32 physically and mentally handicapped children with special and customized support, depending on their handicap and unique needs. This happens within the Child Sponsorship Program.

Student Scholarships: We offer scholarships to dedicated Christian young people from Ukraine. The priority is to provide higher education opportunity for graduates of the Child Sponsorship program.

Kosovo:   Church planting, Aid for needy families, and development assistance are our primary outreach methods in the central Kosovo region of Malisheve. This is the poorest region of the area and many Muslim young men have come to Christ.

Plans and Goals

We are always looking for teams to work with at-risk children in a camp setting in Armenia and Ukraine. Contact Zach Bell (Missions Trip Coordinator) for dates, prices, and an application.


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