New Beginning


Mission Statement

Our passion is for the fatherless children to know God’s love and despite their background and social situation to find their place in the Kingdom of God and in the society.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Currently the ministry is running 2 different projects. The first one is called New Beginning for orphanage graduates and abandoned children. It consists of 2 stages: Preparation and Transition. Within the program we help orphanage graduates and abandoned children to become socially adapted, legally protected, personally and emotionally mature and socially skilled. The primary focus of our work is children’s spiritual life where every child comes to know Jesus Chris and experiences Father’s love. The second project is being implemented in additional educational resources in local orphanages in order to prepare the future orphanage graduates for the social adaptation and rehabilitation after their graduation from educational institutions.

Plans and Goals

Our plan is for our organization to play its part in order to change the social and governmental climate considering the structure of aid and support for orphans and abandoned children. Our desire and vision is to take an active part in creating a healthy and family-like environment in the form of foster care houses for orphans where they can live and develop.

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