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Mission Statement

Our mission is to plant the seeds of hope in the Word to all people so that God can supply them with His grace. Seeds for the Harvest is dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of orphans in Russia through humanitarian support, evangelism and love.

Overview of Ministry Activity

We build relationships with the local church and church leaders to be able to go into orphanages, shelters, hospitals, and medical centers. Our visits give us the opportunity to help meet the physical needs of the children in the care of these organizations by providing food, clothing, hygiene supplies, and meeting special needs of the facilities. Most recently we provided a new water heater and tub to a TB Clinic that was operating with one water heater and bathing facility for over 100 children. We also share the Gospel, Bible stories, our own love, and the Love of Christ to these wonderful children.

Our ministry helps the local church 'get a foot in the door' of such facilities so that they can continue to grow a relationship and provide basic physical and spiritual support. The ongoing relationship is an excellent way to model the love of our Lord to these children, some of whom have never felt love before, and show by example how much our God loves THEM!

We have several volunteers in Russia who support our mission year round, and we travel to Russia about 2 times a year to deliver aid and supplies that we collect throughout the year.

Plans and Goals

Our goal is to continue the work we began 11 years ago.  To continue to work with the orpahns and orphan graduates.  To work with other ministries and church groups to help better the lives of these precious children of God.

Karen is currently living in Russia full-time and working with the orphan graduates.  It is our desire to work as English language teachers in the orphanages and in the graduate center.  Currently we are seeking wisdom as how to work within the orphanages as they are currently closed to all outsiders. 

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