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Mission Statement

 We are a non-commercial, charity organization. Our aim -to provide help to the following categories : orphans, children without parenting care, children from poor families, graduates of orphanages, children with disabilities.

Overview of Ministry Activity

There are 12 projects we are currently working on. Among them:

1. Trainings for the specialists in Foster Care Programs in Opochka district. Fasilitation of the Foster Care concept implementation.

2. Provision of scolarships to the gifted orphanage-graduates of the institutions of Pskov region. Organization of the courses which help the orphanage-graduates to enroll into  further education.

3. "Future is Prepared Today" - post-orphanage transition program for 105 students from Opochka specialized school.

4. "Support to the children with special needs"  - rehabilitation and adoptation of 102 children with the mental retardation problems from the Belsko-Ustensk orphanage.

5."Support to the children from Pavsk orphanage." Post -orphanage transition program for  120 students from Pavsk orphanage.

6. Repair and modernization of the canteen at the Pavsk orphanage.

7. Repair and modernization of the canteen at the Yamsk specialized orphanage.

8. Repair and modernization of the laundry at the Idritza specialized orphanage.
Aim  - to create normal life conditions for 150 children from this institution.

Plans and Goals

In the next 2 years we plan to continue working on 12 ongoing projects. We also plan  to launch new programs aming to spread the idea of tolerant interrelations and cooperation  in orphanages and other chidren\'s institutions. New projects are also going to be implemented in the area of Foster Care.
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