Mission Statement

To mobilize Russians, especially the Church, to reach out to families suffering from addiction and its effects, by providing Christian recovery and prevention resources and training.

Overview of Ministry Activity

OPORA is an accredited Christian training organization in substance abuse education under the auspices of the Russian organization “ Social and Cultural Alliance.” It began in 1997 with an international conference on substance abuse in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Health, to address the acute problem of substance abuse in Russia. Courses in substance abuse education were accredited by the NET Institute of the State of Florida in September 1998.

A staff of Russian Christian professionals operates the program out of its Moscow center. Yearly, OPORA conducts six basic training seminars in Moscow and six in other cities. OPORA has trained over 1,000 people from 9 denominations to start Christian 12 step support groups. In its first two years, over 60 recovery groups started in 32 cities.

OPORA provides a wide spectrum of addiction recovery materials in Russian such as the Confident Kids Series by Linda Sibley. These are family communication workbooks for young children and their parents.

Plans and Goals

OPORA offers numerous types of of training which include: 

  • Addiction Recovery Basics - Its goal is to train in healthy living skills, and to give information on addiction, the recovery process and the 12-Step Program.
  • Addiction Counselor Training School (ACTS) - Training specialists for work in rehabilitation centers using 12-Step programs.
  • Seminars on Co-Dependency Recovery and Feelings - Their goal is to train specialists working in the area of counseling dysfunctional families.
  • Prevention Basics - Its goal is to train in healthy living skills and  HIV/AIDS prevention, as well as promote effective cooperation in prevention of addictions within diversified segments of the community.
  • Prevention Specialists Advanced – Its goal is to train specialists for working at schools and social centers in the prevention of HIV/AIDS, use of mind-altering substances among children and adolescents, and other high-risk behaviors.
  • School-based educational preventive program Keys to a Healthy Life, which helps to reveal children’s resources for health, responsibility and freedom of addiction in physical, psychological, social and spiritual spheres of life.
  • Seminars on Mentorship  - its goal is to train christian volunteers for ministering at orphanages as mentors. 
  • Consultations of specialists on Family Issues, Chemical Dependency and Prevention.
  • Free lectures on Addiction Recovery and Co-Dependency.
  • Support groups for people in Addiction Recovery and Co-Dependency.

Working with a team of Russian and American substance abuse prevention experts, OPPORA has developed a ten-year curriculum for public schools including physical, psychological, social and spiritual components. A NET certified course trained  drug prevention specialists equipped to train teachers and to provide a number of interventions for students and their families. Christian parenting books and seminars are offered to families.

OPORA staff is interested in learning from organizations presently operating children at risk centers in Russia. We would like to network with centers and workers in other cities. We are also seeking children at risk publications in Russian.

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