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Mission Statement

Children\'s HopeChest responds to God’s desire for every orphan to know Him, experience the blessing of family, and acquire the skills needed for independent life.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Started in 1994,  the primary focus of Children\'s HopeChest is on transition programs for orphans as they leave their institutions.  We also work at the orphanage level, primarily through an orphan sponsorship program that provides funding to benefit all the kids in an institution and also funds a discipler who visits the orphanage on a weekly basis.  HopeChest originally established a program model in the Vladimir region of Russia, then expanded into the Kostroma, Ivanovo and Rayzan regions of Russia,  into Ukraine and this year into Swaziland, Africa.

One of our core values is respecting and honoring national leadership.  In Russia, Nadezhda Fund is considered a Russian organization, not an American ministry.  We believe this has been a key to the acceptance of our programs, and openness to continue developing and expanding them.

Specific programs include direct humanitarian aid, donations of medical supplies and equipment, foster-care programs, transitional homes for orphanage graduates, a technical school life skills development program, Ministry Center outreach, Independent Living program, camps, computer labs and training, orphanage media centers, and counseling programs for orphans and orphanage graduates.

Children\'s HopeChest serves orphans during two critical times:

  • Orphan Care - easing the lives of children within the orphanage system
  • Older Orphans Support - assisting teenage orphanage graduates in their transition to independent living

Our programs for orphanage graduates offer practical training in life skills combined with direct personal adult guidance and emotional support. Our holistic approach to orphan assistance, and our creative programs for guiding and encouraging teenage orphans is our niche in the world of orphan care.

Children’s HopeChest has developed strong partnerships with Focus on the Family, Adventures in Missions, CrossRoads, Buckner Orphan Care International (TX), KidsDom (CA) and multiple churches and corporations around the US who sponsor orphanages.

Plans and Goals

By 2010, 40,000 orphans in five countries will have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel, and participate in the family, discipleship, housing, education, and job skills training programs of Children’s HopeChest.

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