Beauty of Holiness Teenage Prison Ministry


Mission Statement

The spiritual focus of the Beauty of Holiness Ministry is to help Russian teenage girls in prison turn from their sin and come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that spiritual rebirth is the only way these girls can begin a new fruitful life. We believe each girl was created by God with a specific and wonderful purpose, and we desire to help our students find this purpose for their lives.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The Beauty of Holiness Ministry was started in Moscow in 1995 when I began to teach Russian teenage girls at Word of Christ Church. When I was asked to teach Russian teenage girls at Bible camps the same things that I had taught our own 12-year-old daughter, I agreed and began to write a series of lessons for teenage girls at the camps. The response from both parents and pastors was enthusiastic, and they began to request this material for their own teenagers. My husband and I rewrote the lessons into a book entitled, The Beauty of Holiness.

Three years later, I was invited by a Josh McDowell team member to consider teaching at a prison for teenage girls near Ryazan. The team had visited the prison, and saw that many girls indicated a desire to be closer to God. After reviewing my material, the prison administration invited me to be an informal part of their training staff, where I have served 3 years.

In addition to weekly Bible lessons, Christian counseling, worship and prayer together, we try to help with humanitarian aid. Girls who desire to live a new life once they are freed need help readjusting to life outside the prison, and we want to give them this help with the assistance of believers in their home towns. We contact churches in the hometowns of our students so that they may meet believers quickly after their release. Our program is both evangelistic and discipleship oriented. Girls who have been born-again in prison, with a strong desire for spiritual growth, are trained to reach out to others in prison, as well as doing other ministries, when they are free.

Since my staff and I have never before worked with Russian children at risk, we have often lacked the knowledge and experience required to make wise decisions about our work. After three years experience in this ministry, we have learned a great deal from our own mistakes. We have also witnessed first hand the kind of living situations to which these girls return. We have accompanied several of them home to try to help them, and at times have taken some of the girls into our own home (a practice which we don\'t recommend to the inexperienced).

Plans and Goals

We desire to have a small-scale rehabilitation center, and are in the process of starting a small craft business that will help fund our ministry. The business will also offer girls a means of supporting themselves while learning biblical work ethics.

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