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Mission Statement

His Kids, Too! is committed to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with orphans in the country of Ukraine by providing humanitarian aid, health care and educational opportunities. (I John 3:18) His Kids, Too!, a non-profit 501(3)C organization, is consciously and actively remembering orphans, street children, the poor and suffering people of Ukraine. Funded completely by public contributions, with 100% of funds going directly to aid God\'s people, we rely on God and the public to provide the funds for our ministry.

A registered 501(c)3 charity since 2000.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The goal of His Kids, Too! is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people while meeting their most basic needs.  Basic needs may consist of food, medicine, feminine hygiene products for teen girls, diapers, clothing, shoes, and then we like to add some extras, sports equipment, art supplies, school supplies and whatever the director assess as a need they have, and if we have the funds to cover it.
Facilities:  In Ukraine alone, His Kids, Too! supports hospitals (both adult and children) children\'s shelters, several orphanages, Internats (this is orphanages for children 5-17), a mental hospital, a Senior Citizen Home.  We aid several children\'s hospital, an invalid home for orphans, an orthopedic hospital, HIV/Aids children\'s hospital, a feeding program, and homeless shelter for adults.  In total we are working in 21 facilities with over 4500 children and hundreds of adults.

May 2006 - Became a recognized charity by the Ukrainian government.

Over 2000 volunteers in 18 states, including England, and Ukraine.

In Albania, we support three orphanage facilities with over 300 children.

International Adoption services provided to 11 countries via, Cornerstone Adoption Services, Inc.  www.cornerstoneadoption.com - a \'sister\' non profit of HK2

Plans and Goals

Presently, His Kids, Too!  plans to continue with the programs we have in place.  We only plan to take on more facilities, as additional funding is provided.  We want to be able to maintain the quality of aid that we presently give.  We would like to provide more adoption grants if funding becomes available.

Goal: This Community Center was completed in June 2012! Complete the building project of the Community Center for displaced kids.  This facility will provide jobs for our Christian brothers and sisters, and a warm and loving place for orphans to receive not only proper medical care, food, clothing, but nurturing, and the love of Christ.  The community children will have the opportunity to engage in Biblical teaching, educational tutoring, prenatal care classes, abstinance education, organizaed sports, games, movies.  Additionally, the upstairs of the center will be lodging for missionaries.

Goal: Secure houseparents for the 2 foster care homes in Ukraine

Goal:  Improve adoption relations with U.S. PAP's; improve aging out process for older teens by providing life transition training for those leaving the 'system'. 

Goal:  Bring medically needy children to the U.S. for treatment, 2 children are presently being processed for travel to the U.S. for this purpose.

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