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Mission Statement

Tallinn Christian Care Center is a non-profit organization, which unites local volunteer social workers. The aims of the center are as follows: To assist in the development of Estonian Christian Care and Counseling system; to provide care and counseling for the homeless and the poor who are struggling to survive in the new society; to promote healthy patterns of living by combining therapy, education and spiritual guidance; and by publishing and distributing informational materials.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The Center opened in 1991 to meet the needs of those who were not able to keep pace with the emerging and fast developing capitalist country. Throughout the many ministries of the Christian Care Center the Gospel of Christ is preached, both in word and deed.

The soup kitchen feeds 25-150 people daily, depending on the season. In summer, most of the clients work for farmers in the countryside or find it otherwise easier to care for themselves. There is a clothing and footwear closet, soap is distributed and facilities are provided to improve personal hygiene. Children get nutritional meals free at a nearby cafй, run by the center.

Besides being an emergency shelter for street kids (last January-February there were 36 children staying overnight for weeks), children at the Care center can participate in Christmas parties, Easter festivals, etc. Children are also invited to weekly Sunday school during worship services.

Care Centers have been set up in the countryside and other towns all over Estonia. Truckloads of food, clothing and other basic items are taken to these centers every week. Two of these centers specifically work with children, one in Maardu, in industrial outskirts of Tallinn; and Riisipere, a village one hour’s drive from Tallinn. In Maardu, every day 60-70 children spend time with aunt Zinaida, who cares for them. In Riisipere, aunt Tiiu similarly feeds the local kids and spends time with them, distributes humanitarian aid, and opens her home to children suffering from domestic violence.

Negotiations with the City Government are under way to find rooms better suited for work with children. There are plans to have facilities for them to help them readjust to society by providing for their physical as well as emotional needs and have tutoring in subjects difficult for them.

There is also another shelter being built in Paldiski, a former Russian military town in the Northwest of Tallinn. There will be a shelter for children as well.

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