Assistance to Russian Orphans 2 (ARO)


Mission Statement

To stop the unprecedented growth in child abandonment in Russia by providing each child with access to education, the opportunity to live in a stable family, and the ability to become a productive member of society.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The Assistance to Russian Orphans Program (ARO) is the first large-scale non-governmental program in Russia working in child abandonment prevention.

ARO Program Tasks:

  • Involve all sectors of society in solving the problem of child abandonment and abuse.
  • Support child welfare system reform.
  • Promote innovative new efforts on local, regional, and federal levels.
  • Facilitate the creation of stable, long-term partnerships between governmental and non-governmental organizations working in social and child welfare.

ARO specialists help our program partners implement new and effective work methods, support local child welfare reform, and bring new social initiatives into operation. To that end, ARO conducts seminars, internships, grants competitions, creates educational and training centers, and supports informational and publishing efforts.

ARO Target Groups:

  • Children and families in crisis situations
  • Disabled children and their families
  • Children born to HIV-infected mothers
  • Orphans and children leaving long-term state care
  • Caregivers and their families (foster families, guardianship and wardship families, adoptive families, and other forms of family-based child care)


Organization Contact Information
Contact email:aro
Phones:+7 4959561400
Russian Federation - 125993,
Moscow region,
Gazetny Pereulok 5, 6th floor
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