Russian Children's Fund - Voronezh


Mission Statement

We exist to help children with disabilities, orphans, gifted children from low -income families and children in crisis situations.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Warm Home -patronage of  infant\'s homes, children\'s homes and
orphanages. 5400 children are being brought up in our regional
orphanages.They receive permanent social aid (clothes, boots, books, toys).

Family Children\'s Homes
Children\'s ward in Family Children\'s Homes and adopted families. There are 13 Family Children\'s Homes and adopted families in Voronezh Region, where 60
children-orphans are brought up.

"Deaf children"
In Voronezh region there are 1663 deaf children. The Children\'s Foundation helps deaf
children to break away from loneliness: with the help of the sponsors it buys
Danish hearing - aids "Oticon". 500 Voronezh children have already received
such hearing - aids.

Children\'s Diabetes
In Voronezh Region there are more than 400 children, suffering from
diabetes. Foundation has provided more than 200 children, suffering from
diabetes, with glucometers.

"A Gift of Life "
Two Voronezh children were operated on their hearts in the USA. Such
surgeries cost thousand dollars. The Children\'s Foundation pays only
travel expenses.

"Ill children in hospitals"
help to the children who need prolonged treatment in the hospitals. The aid includes food, refrigerators,TV sets, medicines, gematogen, vitamins, books, toys and New Year gifts.

"Gifted Children"
The Regional Department awards scholarships to the gifted children
(mainly from low - income families) in the frame of The Russian Children\'s
Foundation program. In our Region there are 8 children who receive
scholarships from the Children\'s Foundation.

The Children\'s Foundation is the founder of the of Children\'s
newspaper. It helps to finance the tours of talented children groups abroad.

"Immediate Social Aid"
One of the most useful and beneficial of the Children\'s Foundations
programs. We have regular appointments with the parents and children
who need social support. They receive social aid (money, clothes, books,
boots, etc.).

"Behind the bars are children\'s eyes"
The aim of the program is to help the children in  prison to believe in the
reality of the different  kind and wise life tomorrow, give them a
helpful hand.Social aid, meeting with the lawyers, priests, teachers,
motivation to read and think over serious books and films.

 "Children\'s Library"
Annual exhibitions in children\'s libraries, recommendations
of wise and kind books for reading.Collection and donation of
books to the low -equipped children\'s libraries. Raising funds for
libraries subscription on the children\'s editorials "Putevodnya
zvezda", "Zarubezhni roman". Participation in the organization of
supplemental reading classes in the schools of the region.

Plans and Goals

Continue our work.
Organization Contact Information
Phones:+7 732207716
Russian Federation - 394018,
Voronezh Region,
Ploshad Lenina, 5 office 7
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