Better Orphan Care (Bright Hope International)


Mission Statement

To help orphans, residing in institutions, to be adopted by local families. 

We work with indigenous churches to encourage their congregations to adopt and partcipate in the foster care of orphans.

Currently we are focused on Russia but Brazil and India are also being researched. 



Overview of Ministry Activity

Better Orphan Care began from the leadership experiences of Craig Dyer in Africa and Asia.  For over 15 years he has been leading Bright Hope International, a ministry heavy envolved in orphan and vulnerable children and those living in extreme poverty.

In 2004 Craig and his wife adopted a Russian orphan and began the ministry of Better Orphan Care to help children living in Russian Orphanage Institutions.



Plans and Goals

In 2006 we want to establish a curriculum for a seminar to present in churches highlighting the Biblical basis for caring for orphans, adoption, and the ability of God to redeem all people.  This will include video and Bible study.



Organization Contact Information
Contact email:Craig Dyer
Phones:+1 224-520-6100
2060 Stonington Avenue
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
United States
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