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Mission Statement

At Book of Hope we are presenting the gospel to children in a way that they can understand.  We present Hope to a hopeless generation through the love of Jesus.  Our mission is to Affect destiny by providing God\'s eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world.

Overview of Ministry Activity

The Book of Hope, a chronological and harmonized version of the four Gospels telling the story of the life of Jesus, is the evangelistic tool used in accomplishing the mission of reaching the children and youth of the world.
Students are presented with the Book of Hope in their public school either after an assembly presentation or in their individual classrooms.
The Book of Hope has been translated into 70 languages and 25 editions, designed to impact the reader in his own language and reading level.  Additionally, there are sections to address the needs specific to a child\'s culture.
To date, over 430 million copies of the Book of Hope have already been distributed to students in over 125 different countries.

In 2007, over 64 million children and youth will receive their copy of God\'s Word, the Book of Hope

Russia General Statistics
Population 147,434,000
Population Under 18 41,108,000
Publish Goal for 2007 4,750,000
Books Distributed 34,100,000

Plans and Goals

We work with churches and other organizations across Russia and over 125 countries to distribute the Book of Hope.  We are continually seeking partnerships with new groups.  
For information on partnerships in the CIS, please contact Irina Litvinova at  Explore how your ministry might be able to use this excellent tool to present the gospel to children.
Organization Contact Information
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