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Mission Statement

Kids Around the World is committed to reaching children around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help those who work with children. Our organization has two methods to attain these ends. The first is to reach children with the gospel through teaching and evangelizing. The second is to build playgrounds where children can play and where they can feel the happiness that is a gift of God’s love.

Overview of Ministry Activity

KIDS has built over 80 playgrounds for disadvantaged and hurting children who have trouble finding a safe place to just be kids. Organizations and individuals donate the funds, KIDS staff provide the expertise and volunteers of all ages build the playgrounds. The joy on the faces of the playing children more than compensates for all the hard work!

KIDS also trains local churches so that they can reach the children of their communities with the Gospel. Two-day training workshops have been run for over 7,000 teachers in 36 countries so far. Our basic workshop covers how to teach the Bible to children and provides each church with a set of brightly-colored flannelgraph figures based on the JESUS film (Campus Crusade for Christ). We also train puppetry teams and provide them with a set of puppets, stage and sound system.

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