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Mission Statement

Being dependent on God, Rawhide\'s mission is to develop beneficial environments so at-risk and delinquent youth and their families can build healthy, life-changing relationships, and become responsible individuals.

Overview of Ministry Activity

Rawhide is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1965 by businessman John Gillespie, and his wife, Jan. They had a vision for a better way to reach out to troubled teenage boys. Former Green Bay Packer Bart Starr and his wife, Cherry, joined the Gillespies to help start Rawhide\'s first home. Their involvement still continues as they volunteer their services to promote Rawhide.
Currently, Rawhide has six boys homes on campus, with 10-12 boys in each home. Plus, there are 14 transition (foster) homes in area communities. Boys\' ages range from 10-18 years. Rawhide provides counseling for the boys and their families, plus innovative academic and on-the-job training, and a strong staff commitment to help boys gain self-respect and a better way of life.
Rawhide has been active in developing relationships with child and youth care organizations in the Amur region since 1996. This effort has included hosting several study tours and training seminars for residential care workers, and sponsoring the Russian-American conference, “Children - our joy and concern” at Muraviovka Park in 1999.

Organization Contact Information
Phones:+1 920-982-6100
E7475 Rawhide Rd
New London, WI 54961-9052
United States
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