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Mission Statement

Building cooperative bridges between people and organizations that are called to fulfill the Great Commission.

Overview of Ministry Activity

International Networx has been involved in pioneer development since 1992 when it\'s founder, Becky Ruland, began to serve as a missionary to the former Soviet Union countries. Using the gift of administration and helps, International Networx works toward the closure of the Great Commission by networking with others who have similar callings.

Most recently Becky has been helping to develop the unique form of wood-frame construction methods that are used in Western countries by adapting them to the needs of Ukrainians and Belarussians.  Our networx help to teach men how to use their natural forestry products and learn new skills in construction.  The result is local construction of churches, orphan foster-care houses, youth camps, houses, and other ministry facilities.  Micro-enterprise is developing as well.

The networx also include work with Bible Colleges, humanitarian aid development and sending indigenous missionaries to the nations.

Plans and Goals

To continue to Network with partners who desire to work in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, China, North Korea and Gunnea Bissau- Africa

In Ukraine the focus is wood-frame construction of churches, houses, mission bases.  Also helping to develop micro-enterprise with these new methods of construction

In Belarus, China, NK and Africa to continue building partnerships with our existing ministries who are reaching the lost, including the children.


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